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Water management

Services provided in water management field:

  • Analysis to improve the status of a water body through monitoring programs and measures,
  • Investment-technical documentation preparation,
  • Project documentation development for determination of ecological flow,
  • Project documentation development for expert opinion and hidrological analysis,
  • Expert opinion on the issuing of water permit,
  • Hydro-geological studies,
  • Training, workshops for integrated water management,
  • River basin water management plans,
  • Project documentation preparation for dam rehabilitation,
  • Project revision, investment-technical documentation revision,
  • Preparation of legislation in water sector, consultancy services.

Significant projects:

  • River Basin Management plan 2022-2027 Sava Watershed Agency
  • Analysis of pressures and impacts, risk assessment on surface and ground water bodies on Sava River Basin in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Investment-technical documentation for collection, treatment and disposal of technological waste water at the location of the company complex “Pretis” d.d. Vogošća (Client: “Pretis” d.d. Vogošća),
  • Determination of Environmental Flow (EF) for 7 profiles on the Neretva and Trebišnjica River Basin in B&H (Client: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Adriatic Sea Watershed Agency for FB&H, financed by World Bank IBRD GEF Trust Fund),
  • Contract for preparation of expert opinion on hydrological analyses acceptability, which were prepared for EPP definition and use of the methodology for EPP definition for accumulations Ramići and Breštica (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Expert opinion on the issuing of water permit for the use and discharge of water in the completed Hydropower Plant “Trebinje II” (Client: PI “Vode Srpske” – Department for Water Management in Trebišnjica River Basin / (Trebišnjica River Basin Agency, Trebinje)),
  • Hydro-geological study the program on groundwater abstraction in order to improve the community water provision (Client: Municipality Gračanica),
  • Integrated Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation in BiH (Client: UNDP, BiH),
  • Neretva and Trebišnjica River Basin Management Plan (Client: Elektroprojekt d.d. Zagreb, (financed by World Bank)),
  • Preparation of Study on categorisation, classification and calculation of drinking groundwater reserves of the well B-1 („Stari bunar“) in the area of plant „Coca-Cola HBC B-H“ Hadžići. Preparation of Study on source protection of drinking groundwater of the well B-1 and B-2 in area of plant „Coca-Cola HBC B-H“ Hadžići (Client: Coca Cola HBC C BH d.o.o. Sarajevo),
  • Rehabilitation of the Vidara dam in Gradačac, the main design (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Revision of investment-technical documentation for Preliminary Design of HE Kovanići (Client: Elektroprivreda B&H d.d.)