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Water Supply/Drinking water treatment plants/Capacity building/Source protection

The services we provide:

  • Preliminary and main design documentation preparation for water supply and drinking water treatment plants,
  • Designing, conducting a tender procedure and consultancy services,
  • Hydraulic analysis of existing and future state,
  • Projects for expansion and reconstruction of water supply networks,
  • Assisting and help for project implementation in tendering and contracting processes,
  • Supervision over the execution of the works,
  • Project documentation revision,
  • Development of project tasks,
  • Feasibility studies and elaborates preparation,
  • Consultancy services in order to institutional strengthening od water utilities,
  • Energy efficiency projects for water intakes,
  • Water source protection zones elaborates

Significant projects:

  • Preparation of project documentation for construction of water supply system for Ošta Luka municipality (Client: UNDP, BiH),
  • Water Supply and Sewage in Bosnia and Herzegovina II – Components Zenica and Tuzla (Client: iC consuleneten ZT GmbH),
  • Main design for water supply network in Prijeko settlement in Visoko municipality (Client: PUC “Visoko” d.o.o. Visoko),
  • Design for water supply system objects – water sources and pumping stations: PS “Bačevo”, PS “Alipašin Most” and PS “Centar” (Client: PUC „ Vodovod i kanalizacija“ d.o.o. Sarajevo),
  • Strengthening the Organizational, Operational and Financial Capacities of Water Utilities in Selected Local Governments Group LOT 2, that consists from 9 Water Utilities: Doboj, Gračanica, Gradačac, Kalesija, Prnjavor, Tešanj, Teslić, Tuzla and Žepče (Client: UNDP BiH),
  • Assessment of Utilities (Institutional, Operational and Financial Capacities and Gaps) in Selected Local Governments, Within the Municipal Environmental and Economic Governance Project (MEG), LOT 1 – Intervention Cluster North‐West (Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Bužim, Cazin, Gradiška, Ključu, Kostajnica, Kozarska Dubica, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Sanski Most, Velika Kladuša, Drvar and Bosanski Petrovac municipalities) (Client: UNDP BiH),
  • Study for water supply of Hadžići (Client: PUC „Komunalac“ Hadžići),
  • Provision of services for revision of Main design for construction of pressure pipeline with accompaning facilities on location Vojarna – Dobro in Livno (Client: Livno municipality),
  • Main design for drinking water treatment plants for Vrela, Stjepan polje and Ilidža, Gračanica city (Stakeholder: Gračanica city)
  • Glavni projekat energetske efikasnosti za vodozahvate Tahirovići –rekonstrukcija tri bunara Main project of energy efficient gor water intae Tahirovići – three wells reconstruction (Client: PUC Vodovod Cazin),
  • Visoko Financial and Operational Improvement Plan (FOPIP): Bosnia & Herzegovina: Visoko Water System Supply Project – Financial and Operational Performance Improvement and Public Service Contract (Client:EBRD, PUC Visoko),
  • Elaborate – Source protection – Trnovo municipality (Client: Trnovo municipality),
  • Elaborates for source protection in Vogošća municipality location for period 2017-2020 (Client:Vogošća municipality)
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