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River control (flood protection, flood risk management and river regulation)

Services provided in river control field:

  • Preliminary and main design documentation preparation for river regulation and protection of water,
  • Project revision for regulation and protection of water documentation,
  • Revisions with measures suggestions for flood protection,
  • Supervision over the execution of the works,
  • Hydrological and hydraulic calculations and analysis,
  • Operational mathematical forecasting model establishment,
  • Hidrological studies update and development,
  • Elaborates development,
  • Methodology development for hazard and risk maps
  • Hazard and risk maps development
  • Operational plans for flood defence development (on all levels),
  • Flood impact analysis reports development.

Significant projects:

  • Technical assistance for development of the hydrological flood forecasting system for Sava River Basin (Phase 1. Bosna River) (Client: Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria S.L. financed by EC)
  • Establishing a real time flood forecasting system for the Vrbas River Basin in B&H (Client: UNDP BiH)
  • Update of Surface Water Hydrological Study, Vrbas river basin in FBiH (1959-2016) (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Hazard and risk maps development for Vrbas river basin in BiH (Client: UNDP BiH),
  • Flood forecast in real time on Sava river basin in FBiH – pilot project river Una in FBiH (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Revision of project documentation of preliminary and main design – Drina river flood protection (Client: Ministry of agriculture, forest and water management, Unit for agricultural objects coordination in Banja Luka),
  • TG 26: Official review of detailed designs for flood protection measures at the north, northwest and northeast of the RS (Client: PI “Vode Srpske”, Bijeljina),
  • Main design – Regulation of right Bosna river bank in Visoko, downstream from City bridge, in length of cca 1,8 km (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo),
  • Elaborates for Cleaning of river banks and Detailed designs of regulation of rivers in the rural area in the city of Doboj (Paklenica, Lukavica and Veličanka rivers, and channel in Božnici Donji settlment)
  • Cantonal Flood Defence Operational Plan for Bosnian-Podrinje Canton, Goražde (Client: Ministry of Economy of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Goražde),
  • Federal Flood Defence Operational Plan (and update) (Client: Sava River Watershed Agency, Sarajevo)