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About Us

Institute for Water management Sarajevo has 30 employees. Number of projects in last 5+ years was over 250, with more than 100 clients.
Our company employs people with different professions – MSc Civil Engineer – Hydrotechnics, MSc Geology Engineer, Dipl. oec, Dipl.iur and with high school education.
We provide area of expertise:

  • Water management strategies and plans,
  • Designing, studies and supervision (water supply and sewer systems),
  • Industry and wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants,
  • Institutional strengthening programs for public and private companies in water management (capacity building),
  • Revision of project documentation and project data preparation,
  • Documentation for obtaining water acts: preliminary water permit, preliminary water consent and water permits,
  • Studies and elaborations of sanitary zones for spring area protection,
  • Flood forecast operational models establishment and water flow regulations.